Monday, January 30, 2006

You know shes a keeper.....

So a White Castle in Cincinnati OH is having thier annual Valentines day Dinner. Decorations and Dinner by candle light included....

I can hear the ladies now: "aww you shouldn't have... no I mean really you are so not getting any"

Thursday, January 26, 2006

THE PUMP energy food

The PUMP- energy food
Mult locations including 113 east 31st (and lex)

This place came highly recommended by a lot of girls I know. Its not really a burger spot, however the burger pita looked interesting so I gave it a shot.
The menu ( lists it as a “Lean Steak Burger: A lean 6oz steak burger” as with the other pitas it was to be served with romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and onions stuffed into a whole-wheat pita.
Looking over the description the whole burger in a pita concept didn’t thrill me much…I just flashed back to every time I order falafel and have at least one or two balls roll onto my lap. The 6oz of quality steak sounded good so I went ahead and ordered.
When my burger/pita arrived I was actually surprised at how much I liked having the pita. Whatever brand of pita they used managed to do a great job holding in everything…significantly better than even a hamburger bun would do. Not messey at all. The Pita Pocket also allowed for an extra amount of veggies/salad to be stuffed in which was nice.
The downer of the meal was the “steak” itself. I suppose steak doesn’t guarantee any sort of quality…I mean steak-ums are steak. With the high quality image of this place I was expecting more than the frozen supermarket brand tasting beef patty that was delivered to me.

Overall I don’t recommend the burger. Pump has some great items but this is not one of them.

Price: 6 beans
Type: Health Nut
Recommend: Burger no, other pitas are very good though.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sassy's Sliders

Sassy's Sliders
1530 Third Ave (and 86th)
(212) 828 6900

Who are these people that live on the UES but have never been to Sassy’s? I just don’t get you. Its on 86th and 3rd right next to Papaya King. What is Sassy’s? It’s White Castle, but better. They use much higher quality meat then White Castle but only charge a little more per burger. Unlike Pop Burger, which I would describe as a regular hamburger just smaller, Sassy’s sells sliders.
Like most sliders the soft and puffy bun makes up about 75% of the burger. The burger juice and steam makes the bun slightly soggy or evey doughey. Toppings here include grilled unions and a pickle slice and of course you can also get cheese. At a Buck O’ Nine most people pick up at least 4.
One of my favorite things about this place is the ability to mix it up. If you order a combo you don’t have to get all the same sliders. Along with beef (very good) they also sell bite size Chicken Parm (never had) Turkey (nothing special) Veggie (I didn’t like it but I think veggie burgers are junk in general) and BBQ pulled chicken (worth trying)
In addition to the burgers Sassy’s also sells 4 types of fresh cut fries (at least I think they are) Regular, Cajun, Garlic, and my fav Sweet Potato (worth the trip alone).
So to wrap it up…if you even slightly like White Castle you will love Sassy’s. If you hate White Castle you might not love the burgers but you should at least check out the Sweet Potato fries and a shake.

Type: Slider
Price: $1.09 each
Recomend: Yeah, hop on the 6 and check it out.

Did you know....?

Did you know that White Castle was the first burger fast food chain....

They started in 1921 in Wichita Kansas selling burgers for a nickle

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Million Dollar Baby

Ok so not at all related to Burgers but have you checked out this web page that this highschool kid made in England? In an attempt to raise money for college he decided to create a web page made up of 1,000,000 pixel sized banner ads. He sold them as 10x10 grids first to friends and sure enough he wound up selling almost the whole screen. As of now 999,000 had been sold. The last 1,000 have been put on ebay and are currently selling for over $47,000!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pop Burger

Dam ok… Bite for Bite Pop Burger is def one of my favorite burgers in NYC. For 5 bucks you get 2 mini burgers with lettuce and a plum tomato slice. No extra charge for cheese. In fact unless you tell them otherwise they go ahead and just put the cheese on for you.
They Don’t really give you an option on how to get the meat cooked…it all comes mediumish. By that I mean sometimes medium well and sometimes medium rare but mostly just medium. Everything is great and fresh cooked to order. I think I could eat like 8 or so.
I think a lot of people just pass over this place as a novelty… “Oh you mean the mini burger dance club…” but if these puppies where full sized I am sure they would be on most peoples favorite list. The Quality of these burgers is top notch. The size is the only thing they have in common with White Castle (well other than hitting the spot after a night of partying or riding a cheetah across the woods of NJ)
The restaurant it self is also worth a look. The Mullet style set up (business in the front …Party in the rear) has a take out counter / eating area near the entrance that blasts Biggie, Tribe Called Quest and other 90’s Rap. In the rear they have a full blown lounge. DJ, pool, full bar w. cocktail waitresses.
While its not as model clad or posh as some of its neighbors…the last time I checked you couldn’t get a plate of awesome burgers with your Grey Goose bottle at Hiro.

Price: 5 dalla burger burger
Type: Mini but Goodie
Recommend?: Next time you go out in the area be sure to stop off for a late night bite.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

City Search top 10

Ok so you really cant go by everything you see on citysearch considering so many of these reviews are done by friends of the owners etc…. Still the best of burgers list worth a look.

Here is their top 10

1. Burger Joint
2. Schnack
3. Corner Bistro
4. Donvan’s Pub
5. Paul’s Place
6. Blue 9
7. Bonnie’s Grill
8. Good World Bar & Grill
9. Frankie & Johnnie’s
10. Hope & Anchor

I know nothing about 7-10…could be some fake reviewers or who knows maybe they are very good. Top 10’s are sometimes helpful but in the end they just piss everybody off…but that’s all part of the fun.

Blue 9

Blue 9 Burger flat out is imitation In-N-Out. But not that there is anything wrong with that. Afterall the company refuses to move east (bastards)
On my struggle back home after new years I walked in around 4:10. Not accepting the fact that they were no longer taking orders I offered a 5 dollar tip to get them to restart the grill. Was it worth it? Yes.
So the Blue 9 Burger, like in n out is based on a simple concept. You take a fast food burger, but instead of junk beef you use better beef like from a real cow (what is it that they use at burger king?) Instead of droopy lettuce and smooshy tomatoes you use fresh produce that you actually taste with each bite. They also don’t go overkill by using much too much bun for the amount of beef (like McD’s)
This is a great fast food burger. Even better with the grilled onions. The bun is always better toasted but they never seem to toast it enough even when I ask them to burn it haha.

Its no In-N-Out nor is it the best fast food burger in the city, but it is very good and when your drunk its incredible.

Type: Fast Food Westcoast Burger/In-N-Out ish
Price: Under 10 for burger fries and soda
Recomend: Yup its a staple

Monday, January 02, 2006

J.G. Melon

So this was my first trip to J.G Melons. It was on a bunch of the so called top 10’s so I figured I should check it out.
The joint had an old school classy pubness to it. The wooden walls were covered with paintings and objects with melon designs on them. The kitchen (a small hut just big enough for the 2 cooks) sat directly opposite the bar leaving the grilling hunks of beautiful beef in full view for everybody to drool at.
The burger itself was great High quality beef. Not too much for the bun to handle. Just the right size and thinkness. I hate that whole "meatloaf with a wimpy bun" style some places try to pass off as burgers. I had herd this was a soak through the bun place but this wasnt really the case...It was a little charred on the outside but not at all dried out on the inside. You can tell that the beef was fresh and packed but at the same time it wasn’t sloppy and falling all over the place. A clean eat. (perhaps a first date place if shes really cool haha)
The burger didn’t come with lettuce or tomato only onions. You might be able to get them but I didn’t ask. For the reviews I go with what the regular burger comes with…no deviation to the chiefs creation.
The JG Melon fries were def original and to me seemed just as worth the trip as the burger. They were about the size and width of a pickle slice. Some a little large are more plump while some were almost potato chip crispy thin.

Service was fine. It was still packed for the early dinner / football crowd.

Overall Highly recommended. The burger was significantly better than average and the fries push J.G Melon over the top…could turn out to be a top 10 but we shall see as more places get reviewed.

Price:under 10
Type: Fatty Patty Pub Style
Recomend: Duh

J.G Melon 1291 Third Ave (3rd and 74th st)