Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New York Mag's Pissy Top 5

Here is New York's Top 5 Burger list

1) Shake Shack (ok might not be everybodys fav but I dont think many people would argue that it isn't one of the top burgers in ny)

2) Blue Smoke (havent had it..did try to go this week but the 2 hr wait kinda made me change plans. It reminds me of the "Art Burger" which is my all time fav burger...Ill write about it later)

3)Burger Joint (not The burger Joint..duh. This is probably many ny'rs number 1. I love it. I have no problem with it on the top 5. I would put it above the Shack)

4) Donovan's Pub (we will come back to this one)

5) Schnack (I want to say this is on only here to please the hipster kids but to be honest I have never been. I do love those sliders though)

So now back to #4..... This is the one that really makes me upset. Time Out NY gave it the #1 spot, NY gives it #4. I didnt even feel like putting it in the blog after I went 7 mo ago! To me the burger was nothing at all special. Yes it was a big thing of meat, yes it had a nice bun and fresh veggies but that was it. Nothing special, no great tase to the meat, nothing to make it stand out. Just a slightly above average burger! In my table of 3 not a single person was impressed. Plus its all the way out in Queens Def not worth the trip. Yeah it looks kinda cool inside but its just a foodie tourist trap if you ask me.

I do however give the magazine props for doing a flat out top 5. Much better than the cop out the village voice did for best burger. Burger list aside how can you not pick up a copy of New York with the feature story "The 101 Best Cheap Eats" Its a great eating todo list for the rest of the year.