Friday, December 01, 2006

Blue 9 adds some burgers

So in In-N-Out style Blue 9 Burger has made some changes to their menu. In what may have started out as a hidden menu that just never caught on are 3 new burger options.

For an extra 50 cents you can upgrade to any of the following

Medieval Style: grilled mustard, grilled onions, extra lettuce, pickles, and sauce on both buns. Seems a lot like animal style to me….I don’t really do mustard on burgers so I didn’t try this one.

Mango Infusion Style: Grilled mango-chili sauce, lettuce, tomato, mango-chilli sauce (either a type-o on the sign or they just give it to you hot and cold) I decided not to try this one. They give out the mango sauce for free to put on the fries so I didn’t see any reason to pay extra for it.

Fire Cracker Style: Grilled chili sauce, lettuce, tomato. and chili sauce. This one seemed the best of the three so I gave it a shot.

The burger it self was a little lacking…not as good as Blue 9 normally does it. The lettuce was wilted and they gave me a thin slice of the end of the tomato. I hope the place isn’t going down hill.
The sauce on the other hand totally made up for it. I am not the type of person who eats jalapenos raw for fun, but I would also say that I can do a good job of taking spice The burger defiantly had more kick then I was expecting. It might be too hot for some but I thought it was just right. The sauce added a great taste to the burger as well, not just heat.
If you’re a fan of burgers and spice I would def give it a try. If you have never been to Blue 9 Burger I would recommend just getting the original for starters, I would also tell you to leave your apt a little more often…if you love burgers and live in ny you really should have tried Blue 9 already.


At 10:13 PM, Blogger Brian said...

I remember when Blue 9 has good burgers... ah the memories. Seriously though, what has happened over the years? Original owners sell or something?

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