Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So as some of you know my 4th anniversary of overcoming Hodgkin’s disease has recently passed. Coincidently my friend Michelle just happens to currently be participating in a fund raiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Since I would not be alive if it wasn’t for the work of this organization and others like it I have made a donation and I am asking you all to please do the same.
This weekend before you go out and party I would like you to drink 2 drinks in your apartments. It would be nice if you would then “say this is for (insert my name or anybody else you want to think of)”
Now with that 20 dollars you just saved by not paying for 2 overpriced drinks at whatever bar you are on your way to can instead be sent to do good by clicking on this link.

Click Here

Please feel free to take more than 2 shots. If you are really totally broke then at least send this to a bunch of people.

I don’t meant to try and guilt trip you all. Just think of it from a pure business standpoint. The money you save = The money you donate. You come out the same (plus even a tax write off)

Thanks a bunch,


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