Sunday, September 24, 2006



St. Marks btw 2nd and 3rd.


The concept seemed a tad scary and interesting all at once. A restaurant that sells the majority of its food via self serve vending machines. Open “25 hours” the sign reads.Its all junk food all the time. The machines were filled with the usual bowling alley/pool club snack bar chow. Anything you could imagine deep fried and then stuck under a heat lamp.
Aside from typical finger food such as mozzarella sticks, corndogs, chicken wings, and french fries, they also had some interesting concoctions such as mac and cheese croquettes , fried PB&J and something made out of spam. For the low price of 10 quarters you could also get a hamburger.
I had zero expectations as approached the machine. All burgers sold out…hmm that means I would get a fresh one from the short order cook…expectations went up slightly. It took a good 5 min for them to make my burger, about the same time as it would at Blue 9. I started to get a little excited. I even ordered two. One teriyaki style and one regular.

Finally the two burgers came. They looked ok. Decent size, esp for the price. Big fluffy buns, real lettuce and tomato. Unfortunately The first bite of the regular burger had me wishing I had just tried the deep fried mac n’ cheese. The burger was dry and tasteless. The teriyaki burger was slightly better but I didn’t really even want to finish either.
To be fair this really isn’t even a burger place. In other visits I had tried some of the other stuff and it wasn’t too bad. It’s a quarky little place (though not as good as the late NY Milk Shake CO.) that is a nice addition to the world famous St. Mark’s junk food row.

Type: Vend-o-burger
Price: Cheep
Recomend: No, not for the burger.

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At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe that place is still open (though they no longer do breakfast). The rent there can't be cheap, there ain't exactly a line around the corner, and how many quarters could people possibly give them?!?!

Hash Brown was tolerable though.


At 7:31 PM, Blogger Faye fly said...

cool tis one ..

At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Foodie said...

hahahah.. them buns look soggy!


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