Friday, July 21, 2006

Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro
331 west 4th St.

I think 95% of all reviews of corner bistro go something like this….

"My burger was awesome! You need to come here!!!!! It was so good and didn’t cost much!! You can get bacon and its good bacon! What a cute little old world new york dive-y spot!!! My burger came on a paper plate and it was sooo jucy I made a mess!!!! (now the kicker…a re-hash of the same napkin joke) I wish my waiter had broght me more burgers and more napkins lol (tee hee tee hee...yes that was a lil' Jimmy laugh)"

For the most part everybody is right and I agree with those 70000 reviews. Although now they seem to just leave a huge stack of napkins at the table so you wont be running out.

The other reviews are just haters that work for other burger places or annoying burger hipsters who want to look cool by saying they don’t like the iconic stop (Donavans pub is far and not that good so shuuuut up haha). I mean this place doesnt have to be your number one, but to say you dont like it....come on. Its good beef and a bun what could go wrong?

So whats the deal? Is this gonna be your fav burger in nyc?

It was big and might be hard for some people to manage without getting it all over. Its not anywhere near as bad trying to eat at Jackson Hole. But some people might find it having too much meat but with all the problems in the world Id say life could def be worse..

They don’t do 45 different burgers but what they do do ,they do well. They forgot to(or were not willing to) grill my onions (bastards). But that might not be an issue for everybody and it wasn’t thaaat big a deal I guess and who needs to choose from 9 different toppings anyway as long as you have the essentials and the lettuce and tomato were all top notch…very important in my book.
I kinda thought the fries stunk. They were like mcdonalds but skinner. Just not my style, but if your all about the thinner more greesey fries well good for you.
I wish I had gotten my burger medium rare instead of medium. The meat was a little try, that was very confusing for me since it was so drippy. It was def wet but tasted dry…A total paradox if you must. I actually lost sleep over this for about 6 min. This sort of thing happens sometimes on grill cooking and in space I suppose.
My miss-order as far as temp goes wasn’t enough to make me say I disliked my burger. It was great, I still loved it. I came starving and I left full and satisfied. Didn’t cost much either.
If you like big-ass burgers this is a must try. It will be one of your favs. (me I like burger joint better but who am I?)

Disclaimer: I totally stole the outside picture from the CB web page. I normally don’t do that sort of thing but it was really pouring out and I couldn’t snap a shot.

Type: Big Ass burger in an old nyc pub
Price: Cheep
Recommended: yup


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