Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thats a BFB

Check out this burger fromDenny's Beer Barrel Pub down in PA

Dam thats big....Click here for Dennys Beer Barrel Pubs's web page

Dont Be A Fool Go To Burger School

The NYU school of Continuing Education (voted #1 school to advertise on NYC subways by US News and World Reports if I remember correctly) Will be holding a burger class next month with Burger expert George Motz, filmmaker behind “Hamburger America”.
The Class will include a filming of the movie, Q&A, and burger tasting.

Hamburger Heaven Wed March 1st 6:30-8pm
click that link or call (212) 988 7200 to sign up

Friday, February 10, 2006

Roll n Roaster

Roll n Roast
3rd ave and 11th st.
(212) 64-beef

I guess most people think of this place as an Arby’s style roast beef place and therefore avoid it. They seem to have every type of junk food possible here … fish and chips, pizza, chicken wings, fried shrimp, chicken breast sandwich, apple pie and of course burgers.
Before trying the burger today I had come a few times for the Corn Fritters. To my knowledge this is the only place In nyc that sells them and I would easily call the ones at Roll n Roast one of the top 10 fried foods in NYC, From what I make it these are nuggets of cream corn somehow stuck together and deep fried with some sort of nugget crust. They are AWSOME!!!
Ok so onto the burger. They are all cooked fresh to order (and welldoneness preference) so expect to wait 5-8 min. The patty comes out wide, thin and very greasy. Not greasy in a bad way though, its so flavorfull and oh and once it hits your lips, its so good.

They also picked the perfect bun to go along with the grease. Its almost crusty pastry like. If you have ever had an egg and cheese on a thick croissant toasted. The egg grease makes part of the pastry soggy but on the outside the crust still holds and gives you a flaky crunch but it all sort of molds into one filo doughish treat….. I mean that’s what id call it though you probably have no clue what I am talking about.
Ok so what else about this place….uhm its dirt cheep! For starters you can get a burger fries and a soda for 4.95!!!! OK OK here is the kicker pitchers of Bud light for $3.95…that’s right an entire pitcher for less than the price of a single beer at many other bars in the area.

This place is great. If you don’t think you can handle the greasy burger at least come to try the corn fritters.

Type: fast food n booze
Price: dirt cheep
Recommend: Def

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fanelli's Cafe

Fanelli’s Café
94 Prince Street @ Mercer

I had been meaning to head to this place ever since it graced the cover of Time Out NY’s 100 best burger issue. It just looked so big and tasty. Such a sexy bun, such firm tomatoes, The mag also ranked it as the 7th best burger in the city so I was certainly expecting a dam good burger.
The old time booze hall style Fanelli’s Café is not what you might expect to find in SoHo, but then again the rent was probably a little less back in 1847.
So how about the burger? Pub style thick hunk of fresh meat. Good fresh veggies, crisp pickle but the interesting twist is the large onion bun that they serve it on (funny… the term bunion never caught on). It was a nice touch, added some flava, even for somebody like me who isn’t really even a big fan of the O-bun.

The other reviews I had checked all described this burger as a dripper. Unfortunately my burger, ordered medium rare, was actually on the dry side. Now perhaps it was an off day but I didn’t get a single drip of burger blood. I was rather disappointed to tell you the truth all of the other Time Out 10 members I had tried had all been great. This burger just seemed like an above average pub patty.
On a side note, the fries tasted great. Skinny but fresh cut tasting and they came at no extra charge while other pub buger joints such as JG and PJ charge.

If you have had a different experience post a comment… I know some people love this place. It just didn’t stand out to me.

Type: Pub Burger
Price: burger fries coke tip 14
Recommended: Perhaps it was just a bad day, but I wouldn’t call this a must eat.